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The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Peter Tongue and Simran Singh
THURSDAY, 04/17/2014 - 2:00 PM CST
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Sandie Sedgbeer

Miracles Along the Rebel Road with Simran Singh (20 min)

In August 2013, creative visionary and award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine, Simran Singh, embarked on an 11-month, 66-city Rebel Road Tour. Four women, two kids, 66 live shows and NO EXCUSES!  It’s an adventure we would all secretly love to take, but don’t because we’re afraid to let go of our lives, be judged as “irresponsible,” face our fears, or go to the edge… LIVE from the road, Simran demonstrates the miracles that can occur when you throw off your shackles and put your faith in the journey that unfolds.

Modern Day Lessons and Awakenings from the Ancient Landscape Zodiac

with Peter Tongue

Peter Tongue is the host of “Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation” on the seventh wave network of Voice America Internet radio www.voiceamerica.com spending most of his time working with higher consciousness in the transformation of earth.

In addition to working one on one with people who have serious life threatening illness as well as those on an awakening spiritual path, Peter has spent the last three years exploring and working with the ancient, but to many still secret, Landscape Zodiac. 

In this episode, Peter will be sharing:

*What the Landscape Zodiac is and what we have to learn from it

*The mysterious connection between the Landscape Zodiac in British Columbia, Canada and Glastonbury

*The bigger picture of this wonderful “grail quest” that moves towards greater awareness consciousness

*Some of the astonishing synchronicities that lie within the landscape

*How Mother Earth is shifting to a new level of vibration, and taking us with her

*How this all coalesces and connects right now with the coming April 15 full moon lunar eclipse, the new moon solar eclipse on April 30th and the precise Grand Cross formed by the fifth Pluto-Uranus Square between April 23rd and 25th.

And more…

www.petertongue.com, www.myheartcenteredjourney.com

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